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Club Etiquette

In addition to the rules of the game there are "Rules of Etiquette" which every conscientious curler should observe.  These unwritten rules provide the courtesies and respect to the curlers and the dignity to the game that it is historically known for.


1.  Don't be late!  When you are late you are holding up the seven other curlers playing the game.  If for an unavoidable reason you will be late or cannot play, let your skip know as soon as possible so they can take appropriate action.


2.  As the skip of a team it is your responsibilty to advise the skip of the opposing team as soon as possible if your team can't play.

3.  Help keep the ice clean.  Change your shoes in the lobby and use the shoe brush before entering the rink.


4.  Greet each member of the opposing team.  These days, due to the flu season, a handshake is not necessary, but a warm smile and "Good curling" wish would be appropriate.  Make sure introductions are done if there are new curlers or curlers from outside the club.


5.  Do not pull out your opponent's stone for them.  This was an old-time custom in curling circles but is now considered to be dangerous and a liability.  Too many people back up and trip over them.


6.  Once the game has started, keep it moving!  It makes the game more interesting and enjoyble to play.


7.  Be respectful and do not disturb the curler in the hack.  Only members of the team who are delivering the stone (and the next person delivering a stone) should be behind the hog line.  If you are the next person to deliver a stone stay well to the back  until it is your turn.


8.  Be ready to take your position in the hack as soon as your opponent has delivered the stone.  Once you have delivered your stone return to the back of the sheet, out of the way of the next delivering curler.  Do not hang around the house watching your stone and/or discussing the shot, this delays the game.


9.  Do not walk or run across the ice when a player is in the hack, wait until they have delivered the stone and it has passed you to ensure you do not interfere with the shot.


10.  Do not get in the way of an opposing sweeper.  When a team is delivering a stone the opposing team should stand between the two hog lines and to the sides of the sheet of ice, with broom up and / or out of the way.


11.  When a team is delivering a stone, only that teams skip and/or mate should be in the house.  The opposing skip and/or mate should be well to the back, out of the way, with brooms up.  No other members of either team should be behind the hog line.


12.  Compliment a good shot by either side!


13.  This is an "honorable" game, so if you touch a moving stone, or impede it's progress in any way, tell your skip immediately but do not stop the rock, unless told to by your skip.


14.  At the end of the game, whether you win or lose, thank each of your opponents for the game.


15.  It is customary, but not obligatory, that the winners offer some form of consolaion to the losers, a drink, a ticket, etc.