Commercial League Fridays at 6:30 & 8:15

Play-Off Schedule

Date Time Sheet Team vs. Team
Mar 8 6:30 A Leftovers Blue Heron
B Paper Boys/Home Delivery River Rats
C Bay Mountain Stealers Food Handlers
8:15 A Rare Breed Ray's Rockers
B Fownes Contracting Rolling Rocks
C Campbell's Soup Morgan's Brook
Mar 15 6:30 A Fownes Contracting Morgan's Brook
B Campbell's Soup Ray's Rockers
C Rare Breed Rolling Rocks
8:15 A Paper Boys/Home Delivery Food Handlers
B Bay Mountain Stealers Blue Heron
C Leftovers River Rats
Mar 22 6:30 A Bay Mountain Stealers River Rats
B Leftovers Food Handlers
C Paper Boys/Home Delivery Blue Heron
8:15 A Campbell's Soup Rolling Rocks
B Rare Breed Morgan's Brook
C Fownes Contracting Ray's Rockers

Play-Offs Finals March 29th

6:30 4th A vs 4th B
5th A vs 5th B
6th A vs 6th B
8:15 1st A vs 1st B
2nd A vs 2nd B
3rd A vs 3rd B

Snack Schedule

January to March 2019

Note: Teams on snacks play late and are responsible for cleanup