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28 Campbell St. Baddeck

Baddeck Curling Club


Cost of Annual Memberships


Member (Unlimited Curling)

$260.00 to curl in the Men's League, and/or single and multiple nights of Mixed League.


Associate Member (Non-Curling)



Youth Curling

$40.00 for first family member & $15.00 for each additional family member.

Any youth wishing to curl in the adult mixed league will be charged an additional $75.00.



$360.00 per team


All fees include HST. One half is due at registration and the remainder must be paid by February 1, 2020. If dues are not paid by February 1, 2020 your name will be removed from the active curler list and you will not be allowed to play until your dues are paid in full.

Whether you are a returning curling, or have never been on a curling sheet before, you are welcome at the Baddeck Curling Club!


New members are always welcome and returning members are always welcomed back!

Cost of Curling for Non-Members

"Spare Fee"



This amount should be paid to your skip or bartender before the game.