Roles of the Volunteers


Whether they are serving curlers, spectators, or guests their drinks, washing dishes or even opening and closing the building,
we rely a lot on our bartenders!

Afterall, they are there
to keep us all happy!

Bartending Captains

These volunteers go one step farther than ordinary bartending (which they also do).
These are the people who organize the other bartenders - ensuring that the bar is never closed when there is a curling game!


Teaching curling can be complicated.
Teaching more than twenty kids
to curl might just take superheros!
Luckily our volunteers
are just that!


Someone has to make decisions. And that is just what the board of directors is here to do!
The executive changes every few years, so please consider running!

Draw Captains

Teams don't just form. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of planning to make new draws each month. Then they have to call and tell all the skips so people will know who is on their team. It's a juggling act!


As amazing as the curling club is, the building doesn't just clean itself! Thanks to these volunteers, we don't have to step on crumbs
all the time!

Ice Makers

There is no curling without ice! The hard work of painting lines and making ice above that paint is done by these extraordinary volunteers! Cannot thank them enough for their hard work! We wouldn't exist without them!

Kitchen Crew

Whether it is a group of hungry juniors celebrating end of the year or a bonspiel just celebrating each other, food is important.
Which makes our kitchen volunteers even more important!

Money Collectors

No one really wants to keep track of who paid for their membership and who didn't or track people down, but someone has to or our club just wouldn't survive!
Special thanks to those who do
this thankless job!

Pebblers, Nippers, Rockers

Those bumps you see on the ice? They are important in help give
the stones their curl.
But they wear off during a game and need to be replaced.
That is where the volunteers in
ice maintance come in!
What would we do without them!?

Rental Team

Our club is used by many in our community, beyond our regular membership. Someone keeps track of this, from booking to payment, these volunteers ensure the building is well used.

Store Keepers

Did you know we have a store at the Baddeck Curling club where you can buy supplies for the game?
Well its run by volunteers who do all the stocking of shelves and ordering so we don't have to travel to get a gripper!


Well, I suppose I better write about what I do. The layout of this website is done by one volunteer with average computer skills, and mistakes are caught and corrected by a team of volunteers. Info is posted as soon as possible after its received to keep club members up to date. Even off the ice, it takes a team to make things run smoothly.